[pgpool-general: 1265] database detach and I don't understand why

Flemming Harms flemming.harms at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 01:56:24 JST 2012


We have been using pgpool2 for sometime now and been happy with it,
but lately it suddenly start to detach the database on one of the
nodes on 2 node cluster. I have been investigated this for a while and
I can't understand why pgpool2 thinks is should detach.

We are using pgpool version 3.0.4-1 with postgresql version
8.4.8-0squeeze2 our application server is JBossAS 5 including (jboss
messaging 1.4.8-SP2). The application server only communicate through
pgpool so we are sure that no other processes are working around

We are pretty sure the databases are not different from the beginning
and it's new records that are created. We post 3 messages on 2
different jms queues and 3 clients that consumes the messages. When
jboss messaging component want to remove the messages because it
delivered to all the clients, pgpool detach the database because it
get a different response from node 1 when it want to delete the
message.... which I don't understand how that's possible

I really will appreciate some help to understand what is going on and
why it detach the database



the log_line_prefix = '%t %p %v %x' for the postgresql

You can find the log files by following the links below for pgpool2
debug log and postgresql log from both servers

jboss-detach-190.sql(postgresql log) >
jboss-detach-191.sql(postgresql log) >
pgpool.conf > http://ubuntuone.com/3BhoRnr3ACifYhi2QqSbat
pgppool-191-log  > http://ubuntuone.com/1g8ExrevBeRUj92XS5WjyZ7

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