[pgpool-general: 929] Re: some questions about online recovery

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Thu Aug 30 07:49:11 JST 2012

> To perform online recovery, the WAL archive should also be copied to the
> recovery target, right? But in the examples (basebackup.sh), it is not done?

That's a duty of archive command.

> For online recovery by PITR, why force a log switch (pgpool_switch_xlog) in
> the second stage online recovery?
> In addition, in the sample it is passed the archive dir as an argument:
>   psql -p $port -c "SELECT pgpool_switch_xlog('$archdir')" template1
> but actually pg_switch_xlog() in at least 9.1 takes no
> argument. pgpool_switch_xlog is said to simply pass its arguments
> to pg_switch_xlog. So it is not matching. Why?

pgpool_switch_xlog does more than pg_switch_xlog. It waits for log
switching completion by looking at $archdir.
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