[pgpool-general: 908] Re: Connection leaks through pgmemcache

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Mon Aug 20 20:56:24 JST 2012

> We are experiencing some connection leaks, when using pgpool +
> pgmemcache + memcached. Some of the connections to memcached stay open,
> so at the end the memcached connections limit is reached and we have to
> restart memcached in order to not get timeout connection hungs.
> At the beginning of every connection to pgpool we "SELECT
> memcache_server_add(..., ...)". The thing is that the connection for
> some reason is not closed properly.
> We now switched back to pgbouncer and the issue is gone, so it
> definitely has something to do with pgpool itself.
> Any ideas?

I don't know anything about pgmemcache, so this is just a wild
guess. Does pgmemcache has disconnection function to memcached? If so,
I guess you need to call it eveytime you disconnect to pgpool. If the
argument of the function is fixed, you might be able to add to
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