[pgpool-general: 907] Connection leaks through pgmemcache

Kouber Saparev kouber at saparev.com
Mon Aug 20 20:29:07 JST 2012


We are experiencing some connection leaks, when using pgpool +
pgmemcache + memcached. Some of the connections to memcached stay open,
so at the end the memcached connections limit is reached and we have to
restart memcached in order to not get timeout connection hungs.

At the beginning of every connection to pgpool we "SELECT
memcache_server_add(..., ...)". The thing is that the connection for
some reason is not closed properly.

We now switched back to pgbouncer and the issue is gone, so it
definitely has something to do with pgpool itself.

Any ideas?

Kouber Saparev

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