[pgpool-general: 887] pgpoolII failover/failback

i.marchionni i.marchionni at tiuke.it
Mon Aug 13 20:47:52 JST 2012

At Fist Hallo to everybody.
I'm installed a distribute architecture with 2 pgpool (3.1.3) server and 2 postgress (9.0.5) server, (at this moment only one pgpool server is active because I'm not configure pgpool HA yet).I was starting a failover test but my first try was unsuccesfuly at the recover stage and I manually configure old master  to standby server.
Now I have backend server 1 master and  backend server 0 standby, but the failover_command sample script assume 0 as master and 1 as slave so the script do nothing.
I want to customize script without this assumption and my question is: can I query pgpool to kwon who is the actually the master node?  
If I can do it the failover script can know who is the master and so also if the master is backend 1 it can start failover touching the trigger file on right node
Sorry for my bad English.
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