[pgpool-general: 396] strange load balancing issue in Solaris

Aravinth aravinth at mafiree.com
Sat Apr 28 10:56:58 JST 2012

Hi All,

I am facing a strange issue in load balancing with replication mode set to
true in Solaris. Load balancing algorithm always select the same node
whatever may be the backend weight

Here is the scenario.

I have a pgpool installed installed in 1 server
2 postgres nodes in other 2 servers
replication mode set to true and load balancing set to true
backend weight of the 2 nodes is 1.

When I fire the queries manuall using different connections or using
pgbench all the queries hit the same node. Load balancing algorithm always
select the same node.
No effect in changing the backend weight. Only when I set backend weight to
0 hits go to the other server.

I face this issue only in solaris. The same setup in other servers ( centos
,RHEL, ubunt etc) does the load balancing perfectly.

Also tries various postgres versions and pgpool version with same result.
But every version runs fine in other servers.

Has anyone faced this issue?

Any information would highly helpful.

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