[pgpool-general: 353] query for pgpool parallel mode and replication mode

pr l aslldab at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 14:23:34 JST 2012

Hello. I'm studying pgpool nowadays. I want to make some tables of the
database to be replication as the others to parallel mode. But as I bulid
the pool, I found that sql executed on parallel tables in psql can execute
parallely, but in java, it's executed as replication mode. For example, in
psql client, I execute insert sql and get one tuples inserted in one of the
node;but in java, all the nodes execute the insert statement. In psql
client, I execute update successfully affect one tuple of one node, but in
java, I get error message message: pgpool detected that difference of
number of inserted, updated or deleted tuples. I connect the client with -h
-p parameters.
I have attached my pool configure file in this mail.
Thanks for you help and sorry for my poor english.
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