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0000090Pgpool-IIBugpublic2014-05-20 18:01
ReporterpkolaricAssigned Tot-ishii 
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Summary0000090: pool_extract_error_message: not enough buffer space
DescriptionIf a very long error message is produced by PL/pgSQL function call (for example failed recursion) pgpool will terminate all pools with a message:

ERROR: pid 9701: pool_extract_error_message: not enough buffer space

and stop responding.
Steps To Reproduce- create a PL/pgSQL function that fails with a long error message
- execute that function
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2014-05-20 17:30

developer   ~0000421

Fix committed in upcoming 3.4.;a=commit;h=b5fc85549f7e34ea3e72ec9bb6d2b9e4c9cfcf41

Unfortunately to remove the restriction we need new infrastructure added in 3.4, and the fix will not be back patched.

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