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0000006Pgpool-IIBugpublic2012-02-23 19:50
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Summary0000006: Selects is not balanced among a session
DescriptionSelects is not balanced among a session. In the test case, it always gets the same result.
Steps To ReproduceConnection conn1 = DriverManager.getConnection(connstr1, username1,
            for (int i = 1; i <= 100; i++) {
                Statement stmt = conn1.createStatement();
                ResultSet rset = stmt.executeQuery("select inet_server_addr()");
                if (
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2012-02-23 19:50

developer   ~0000014

Pgpool-II decides a destination backend every session.
If the client opens a single connection and execute a series of select queries,
they all get routed to the same backend except some cases.
If the client opens up multiple connections, both backends are used.

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