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0000555Pgpool-IIBugpublic2019-11-05 08:57
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PlatformVirtual Machine / KVMOSCentOS LinuxOS Version7 (core)
Product Version4.1.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000555: pgpool does not start without any notice even in debug mode
DescriptionBy the help of Salt I set up a Postgres cluster with two instances. PGPool is used to handle the streaming replication and the failover.
Since approximately six days, the last time when when the full installation worked, PGPool does not start in the new created setups.

-> pgpool-II version

-> PostgreSQL version
Steps To ReproduceBasic installation of CentOS
Adjusting the Repositories to use the Repos for Postgres and PGPool
Installing Postgres and PGPool

pgpool-configs for master and standby attached

Project is published at
If it is needed I can start the script to create a virtual data center right away and import public keys for access at any time.
Additional InformationIt is my first post on this mailing list and I am quit unsure if I may have overseen something in my Postgres and PGPool setup.
Nevertheless when something went wrong in the past I got some log message of any kind. This time not.
The classification as 'Blocker' and priority 'Immediate' explains how I am facing the issue.

Hopefully you can help me fixing that.

Many thanks in advance


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2019-11-04 01:25


pgpool.conf_Standby (43,860 bytes)
pgpool.conf_Master (43,861 bytes)


2019-11-04 01:58

reporter   ~0002953

The streaming replication is done by Postgres itself, not by PGPool.


2019-11-04 02:14

reporter   ~0002954

Still investigating. PGPool is now running.


2019-11-04 03:03

reporter   ~0002955

For Postgresql10 and PGpool10 I still observer the aforementioned behavior. For Postgresql12 and PGPool12 the program starts and waits for connections.


2019-11-04 05:45

reporter   ~0002956

Sorry for bothering you. I found the culprit with strace, it was an incorrect entry in the pgpool.conf
Please consider this 'bug'-report as solved.

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