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0000524Pgpool-IIBugpublic2019-08-13 16:47
ReportervanAssigned Tot-ishii 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version4.0.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000524: pgpool performance issue
DescriptionHi ,

connect call to pgppool is taking too much time (approx 200- 300 millisecond ) even though lots of pgpool child are free to accept a new connection .

Version: 4.0.2

PS: we didn't find system requirement for pgpool anywhere, can it be because of low ram or cpu?

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2019-06-25 03:24


pgpool.conf (40,156 bytes)


2019-06-25 15:18

developer   ~0002675

Taking 200ms to connect to Pgpool-II is unusual. Can you do a test something like this:

1. set num_init_children to 1.
2. See if the connect time gets shorter. If so, it is likely that your hardware is not good enough to support num_init_children = 300. Upgrade the hardware or reduce num_init_children.
3. If still it takes 200ms, attach system call trace tool to pgpool child process (you can find by using ps. Look for something like "pgpool: wait for connection request").
4. Send the output of system call trace tool. BTW, I am not familiar with FreeBSD. When I say "system call trace tool", I mean something like strace in Linux.


2019-06-25 18:37

reporter   ~0002677

Hi t-ishii,

With 1, connect time is shorter .
Ideally how much CPU and RAM is required for pgpool (with 300 num_init_children) ?
my system has 4 GB ram and 4 virtual CPU .


2019-06-26 10:56

developer   ~0002680

You might want to try serialize_accept = on. This reduces the process awaking overhead when num_init_children is large.

BTW, to know if CPU or RAM are sufficient, you can use vmstat or same tools.


2019-08-13 16:47

developer   ~0002775

No response from the reporter over 1 month. Issue will be closed soon.

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