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0000461Pgpool-II[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-02-04 09:22
ReporteradityakamanaAssigned Topengbo 
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Product Version4.0.2 
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Summary0000461: white and black function list parameters
DescriptionI am going through the documentation and looks like we can only set one of white_function_list or black_function list.

This is how I set the parameters in my pgpool.conf file.

white_function_list = 'a,b,c' #These functions don't update the database

Does this imply that every other function is black listed? Meaning functions like nextval(), currval and any other function that come in always run on the primary node or master?
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2019-02-01 11:07

developer   ~0002362

If you set "white_function_list" parameter, the functions not included in "white_function_list" will be sent to primary node.


2019-02-01 11:25

developer   ~0002363

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