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0000457Pgpool-II[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-01-29 15:56
ReporteradityakamanaAssigned Tot-ishii 
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Product Version4.0.2 
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Summary0000457: White_function_list

I have installed pgpool 4.0.2 with one master and one standby postgresql hosts in streaming replication mode. Out intention to use pgpool is strictly for connection pooling and load balancing.

 I am looking to load balance certain stored procedures that don't make any changes on the primary database.

My current setting for lb_weight is 0.5 and 0.5 for both primary and standby databases. We call the stored procedures like this:

select * from customer.get_account_detail(123, 456);

What would be the entry in the white_function_list if I want to load balance this function all the time to the standby (can I do this at all)?

white_function_list='get_account_detail.*' (is this correct?)
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2019-01-27 09:31

developer   ~0002338

Yes, that's correct. Pgpool-II silently ignores schema qualification (in your case "customer") from an input SQL, then compares with the white_function list. So function names in white_function_list should not have schema qualification.


2019-01-27 09:40

reporter   ~0002339

Great. Thanks for the confirmation.

Glad that this is correct (white_function_list='get_account_detail.*').

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