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0000382pgpool-HABugpublic2018-04-06 10:59
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Summary0000382: Pgpool fails to start with a watchdog error
DescriptionI've been using two pgpool instances with two (master/slave) backends on two server for about one year. A couple of days ago there was a network failure, after that both pgpool instances shut down and are not able to start again. Both backends are good. They are accessed directly now. I also tried to upgrade to the latest 3.7.2 (was 3.6.x) version with a completely new configuration file made from scratch using master/slave template. It doesn't help, it just shut downs. Both configuration file and log file are attached.
Tagsmaster slave, watchdog



2018-03-05 23:50


pgpool_bug.log (93,481 bytes)
pgpool_bug.conf (35,623 bytes)


2018-03-14 00:22

reporter   ~0001954

Any ideas? I have no clue why does not work after a such long time working well.


2018-03-16 10:02

developer   ~0001967

Add some comments in 0000386.


2018-03-16 10:04

developer   ~0001968

Should we close this item because we can discuss in 0000386.


2018-04-06 10:56

developer   ~0001989

Yes, please close.

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