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0000214Pgpool-IIBugpublic2016-09-28 10:10
ReporterFJ AleuAssigned ToMuhammad Usama 
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PlatformOSCentosOS Version7
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Summary0000214: plugs out the network cable, pgpool not change backend status and blocking connections
Descriptionpgpool versiĆ³n: 3.5.3
postgresql: 9.2
pgpool configuration: replication mode, using watchdog.

node 1: pgpool and postgresql database
node 2: pgpool and postgresql database

when I plug out the network, twice pgpool have the master status and see the other pgpool as LOST, but the backends are 1 or 2 status and never change to 3, blocking the psql connections . when i reconnect the network (plug the cable), both pgpool resyncronized correctly and obtain master and standby status with his priority and then, the backends nodes plug in down status (pcp_node_info return 3).
Steps To Reproducestep 1) 2 nodes with postgresql and pgpools run.
step 2) unplug the network, pgpool detects the network down and push his pgpool Master and the other pgpool marked as LOST.

step 3) do a psql connection in a node with pgpool port and virtual IP. the connection are stuck. The function pcp_node_info marked the other node as 1 when this node may be the 3 status.
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Muhammad Usama

2016-07-05 17:28

developer   ~0000881


pgpool-II does not mark the backend node status to down as soon as cable is unplugged. The backend PG node behavior and tolerance level on network glitch is configurable in pgpool-II and depend upon the backend health check , fail_over_on_backend_error and related configuration

Can you also share the pgpool.conf file you are using


2016-09-28 10:10

developer   ~0001098

No response from the report over 2 months. Issue closed.

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