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0000191Pgpool-IIBugpublic2016-04-14 10:45
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Summary0000191: pgpool-II shouldn't forward set default_transaction_isolation to 'serializable' to Hot Standby slaves
DescriptionWhen pgpool is configured as pooler between PostgreSQL master-slave cluster and it receives
"set default_transaction_isolation to 'serializable'" , it can forward this statement to hot standby PostgreSQL server. PostgreSQL 9.5 generates the following error message after this:

ERROR: 0A000: cannot use serializable mode in a hot standby DETAIL:
"default_transaction_isolation" is set to "serializable". HINT: You
use "SET default_transaction_isolation = 'repeatable read'" to change
the default. db DB, client IP, user USER LOCATION:
GetSerializableTransactionSnapshot, predicate.c:1588 STATEMENT:
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