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0000183Pgpool-IIBugpublic2016-06-21 11:40
ReporteralauddinAssigned Tot-ishii 
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Summary0000183: Pgppol not sending query error back to client
DescriptionI have been using Postgresql-9.3.11 in two server in master slave mode with streaming replication. I am using repmgr 3.1.1.
I am also using pgpool-II version 3.5.0 (ekieboshi) and my setup can handle fail over.

--I am using simple batch insert using JDBC. Here is my java code:

String insertTableSQL = "INSERT INTO tigeridmuser(first_name,middle_name,last_name,user_name,password) values(?,?,?,?,?)";
                    dbConnection = getDBConnection();
            preparedStatement = dbConnection.prepareStatement(insertTableSQL);


            for(int i=0;i<100;i++) {
                            preparedStatement.setString(1, "Md.");
                            preparedStatement.setString(2, "Hossain");
                            preparedStatement.setString(3, "Alauddin");
                            preparedStatement.setString(4, "alauddin");
                            preparedStatement.setString(5, "Alauddin");



When load balancing is on and two servers are running with health 2 then if I make any mistake in my query then I can see error both in postgresql log and pgpool log but pgpool is not sending it back to java code.
Steps To ReproduceSetup master-slave streaming replication with two Postgresql-9.3.11. User repmgr 3.1.1 and pgpool-II version 3.5.0 (ekieboshi).

Now connect to pgpool using any java program and run any insert query in batch with auto commit false.

You will see error in pgpool and postgresql log but pgpool will not send it back to java.

If you turned off load balance or slave server goes down and you try again then you will get result as expected.
Additional InformationI have been sharing all of my configuration files and logs with this issue and I think this issue will resolve as soon as possible.
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2016-03-25 01:20

reporter (18,454 bytes)


2016-03-25 09:30

developer   ~0000720

It is possible that it has been already fixed. Can you try the pgpool-II 3.5 stable head?;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/V3_5_STABLE


2016-03-25 12:34

reporter   ~0000721

Hello.. T-Isshi ! I know it is not a good question but How to get V3_5_STABLE version? Actually I am new on it. Would you please tell where I get get that version your recommended?


2016-03-25 13:13

developer   ~0000722

Sure. Visit the URL. The page shows each commit per line. The top most line is for the latest commit.
Click "snapshot" button on the line. This will let you download the latest 3.5 stable source tree.
Unpack it.
$ tar xfz pgpool2-c27ee57.tar.gz
$ cd pgpool2-c27ee57
$ ./configure
$ make dist

You will see pgpool-II 3.5.0.tar.gz. That's the tar ball you want.


2016-03-28 19:30

reporter   ~0000733

Thanks T-Ishii.. I have tested and working as expected for me.


2016-03-28 20:19

developer   ~0000734



2016-05-08 17:59

reporter   ~0000796

Dear t-ishii,

I can see that this issue is not resolved so far. When I am trying again and again with error query pgpool some time getting hang. For example.. First three try I am getting error but fourth time pgpool getting hang(I mean not sending error even not returning back to client). Would you please review this issue again?



2016-05-16 13:51

developer   ~0000819

Can you please try the latest version (3.5.2)?


2016-06-21 11:39

developer   ~0000868

No feedback from the reporter over one month. Closing this item...

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