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0000155Pgpool-IIBugpublic2015-11-11 01:25
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Summary0000155: failover: set new primary node: -1
DescriptionWe are using pgpool II
# pgpool -version
pgpool-II version 3.4.2 (tataraboshi)

we have the following setup:

one pgpool node, with one master DB and 3 slave nodes

during our failover testing, after server failover happened,

we got the following:
2015-11-07 08:43:52: pid 6378: LOG: failover: set new primary node: -1
2015-11-07 08:43:52: pid 6378: LOG: failover: set new master node: 0

Then it start to direct the update request to the node 0, which is read-only

2015-11-07 08:44:05: pid 1698: LOG: pool_send_and_wait: Error or notice message from backend: : DB node id: 0 backend pid: 8651 statement: "update mdnowner.MDN_COMPONENT_PROCESS set MDN_COMPONENT_ID=$1, CREATED_AT=$2, NAME=$3, RUNNING=$4, STATUS=$5, UPDATED_AT=$6, version=$7 where id=$8 and version=$9" message: "cannot execute UPDATE in a read-only transaction"

At this point, pgpool was completed confused itself. It was not able to detect the proper master and slave node.

After I restart the pgpool, the problem is gone.

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