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0000149pgpoolAdminBugpublic2015-10-14 11:56
ReportergcloughAssigned Toanzai 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformOSOracle LinuxOS Version7.6
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.3 
Summary0000149: Incorrect error for "Watchdog" command failures
DescriptionI'm setting up a new system, and everything works except for the "Watchdog" button. During diagnosis of what's wrong I think I've discovered that the error thrown during a pcp_watchdog command failure is a duplicate of the pcp_node_info error:

status.php: (This is the file that's called by the browser)
  case 'watchdog':
    $viewPHP = 'innerWatchdog.php';

innerWatchdog.php: (This is called by status.php above)
  $watchdogInfo['local'] = getWatchdogInfo();

command.php: (This is called by innerWatchdog.php above)
/** Get the watchdog information of thet specified other pgpool
 * If $i is omitted one's own watchdog information is returned.
function getWatchdogInfo($i = '')
    global $tpl;

    $result = execPcp('PCP_WATCHDOG_INFO', $i);

    if (!array_key_exists('SUCCESS', $result)) {
        $errorCode = 'e1003';
        $tpl->assign('errorCode', $errorCode);

    $arr = explode(" ", $result['SUCCESS']);
    $rtn['hostname'] = $arr[0];
    $rtn['pgpool_port'] = $arr[1];
    $rtn['wd_port'] = $arr[2];
    $rtn['status'] = $arr[3];

    return $rtn;

The documentation here doesn't have an error code for the PCP_WATCHDOG_INFO command failing, so I guess the e1003 code that refers to PCP_NODE_INFO was used:


1. Update the documentation and allocate a code for PCP_WATCHDOG_INFO
2. Update command.php to use this new error, so that when PCP_WATCHDOG_INFO is failing, you get a relevant error

Steps To Reproduce1. Click on the "pgpool Status" button in the top-left
2. Click on the "Watchdog" button underneath "Backend info (PostgreSQL)"
3. Note the error does not relate to Watchdog:

Error Code e1003
Error Message pcp_node_info command error occurred.
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