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0000144Pgpool-IIBugpublic2015-09-17 11:54
ReporterhelicopterAssigned Tot-ishii 
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Summary0000144: Bug with inserting via PQexecParams
DescriptionI have bug "portalXXXXX does not exist" when I try to insert via PQexecParams.
Update and delete are fine.

pgpool-II 3.4.3.
PostgreSQL 7.4.1.
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2015-08-29 02:18

reporter   ~0000561

I resolve this bug when I inserted "return 0" in begin of need_insert_lock function in pool_process_query.c and I commented "rewrite = rewrite_timestamp_insert(i_stmt, &ctx);" line in

if (IsA(stmt, InsertStmt))
    InsertStmt *i_stmt = (InsertStmt *) stmt;
    ctx.relname = nodeToString(i_stmt->relation);
// rewrite = rewrite_timestamp_insert(i_stmt, &ctx);

of rewrite_timestamp function in pool_timestamp.c

Maybe bug is located in rewrite_timestamp_insert function.

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