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0000140Pgpool-IIBugpublic2015-08-04 09:52
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Summary0000140: Child process memory grows without bound in v3.3.4
DescriptionWhen running pgpool-2 with 1 master and 2 slaves (on separate servers) the worker process memory grows without bound. (Once memory is exhausted PGPOOL starts killing off worker processes).

Restarting the PGPOOL process causes all 32 child workers to use ~8MB memory each, and it slowly grows by about 10MB per day (currently 69-74 MB each).

Is this a known issue? I've looked through the v3.3.4+ changelogs and this issue tracker and did not see anything related.

Our pgpool config is attached. Our config is only lightly modified from the default, and has "memory_cache_enabled = off", but maybe there's some other incorrect settings?

Alternatively, what particularly "child lifetime/max_connections" configuration settings would you recommend as a workaround?
Additional InformationOver the course of troubleshooting we've restarted both PGPOOL and the server itself several times, and this memory issue always occurs.

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