3.9. Compiling and installing documents

3.9.1. Tool Sets

Pgpool-II documents are written in SGML (more precisely, DocBook, which is a language implemented using SGML). To generate readable HTML documents, you need to compile them using docbook tools. To install Docbook tools on RHEL or similar systems, use:

	  yum install docbook-dtds docbook-style-dsssl docbook-style-xsl libxslt openjade

3.9.2. Compiling docs

Once the tool sets are installed on the system, you can compile the docs:

	  $ cd doc
	  $ make
	  $ cd ..
	  $ cd doc.ja
	  $ make

You will see English HTML docs under doc/src/sgml/html, and online docs under sgml/man[1-8]. Japanese docs can be found under doc.ja/src/sgml/html, and online docs under sgml/man[1-8].