3.4. Installing Pgpool-II

After extracting the source tarball, execute the configure script.


You can customize the build and installation process by supplying one or more of the following command line options to configure:


Specifies the top directory where Pgpool-II binaries and related files like docs will be installed in. Default value is /usr/local.


Specifies the top directory where PostgreSQL's client libraries are installed. Default value is the path provided by pg_config command.


Pgpool-II binaries will be built with OpenSSL support. OpenSSL support is disabled by default.


Use insert_lock compatible with Pgpool-II 3.0 series (until 3.0.4). Pgpool-II locks against a row in the sequence table. PostgreSQL 8.2 or later which was released after June 2011 cannot use this lock method.


Use insert_lock compatible with Pgpool-II 2.2 and 2.3 series. Pgpool-II locks against the insert target table. This lock method is deprecated because it causes a lock conflict with VACUUM.


Pgpool-II binaries will use memcached for in memory query cache. You have to install libmemcached.

make install

This will install Pgpool-II. (If you use Solaris or FreeBSD, replace make with gmake)