IV. SQL type commands

This part contains reference information for various SQL type Pgpool-II commands. These commands can be issued inside the SQL session using the standard PostgreSQL client like psql. They are not forwarded to the backend DB: instead they are processed by Pgpool-II server. Please note that SQL type commands cannot be used in extended query mode. You will get parse errors from PostgreSQL.

Table of Contents
PGPOOL SHOW -- show the value of a configuration parameter
PGPOOL SET -- change a configuration parameter
PGPOOL RESET -- restore the value of a configuration parameter to the default value
SHOW POOL STATUS --  sends back the list of configuration parameters with their name, value, and description
SHOW POOL NODES --  sends back a list of all configured nodes
SHOW POOL_PROCESSES --  sends back a list of all Pgpool-II processes waiting for connections and dealing with a connection
SHOW POOL_POOLS --  sends back a list of pools handled by Pgpool-II.
SHOW POOL_VERSION --  displays a string containing the Pgpool-II release number.
SHOW POOL_CACHE --  displays cache storage statistics