Further Information

Besides the documentation, that is, this book, there are other resources about Pgpool-II:

Web Site

The Pgpool-II web site is a central place providing official information regarding Pgpool-II: downloads, documentation, FAQ, mailing list archives and more.

Mailing Lists

The mailing lists are a good place to have your questions answered, to share experiences with other users, and to contact the developers. Consult the Pgpool-II web site for details.


pgpool-II is an open-source project. As such, it depends on the user community for ongoing support. As you begin to use Pgpool-II, you will rely on others for help, either through the documentation or through the mailing lists. Consider contributing your knowledge back. Read the mailing lists and answer questions. If you learn something which is not in the documentation, write it up and contribute it. If you add features to the code, contribute them.